The Three-eyed One
The Three-eyed One
Japanese 三つ目がとおる
Alternative The Third eyed One
Date 1974 to 1978
Volumes 13
Genres Science Fiction
Adaptations The Three-Eyed One

This is a science fiction story in which a boy with supernatural powers, Sharaku Hohsuke, probes into circumstances surrounding events in history. He is also a descendent of the "three-eyed tribe." A second-year student in junior high school, Sharaku Hohsuke never goes without a large bandage on his forehead. He is an innocent boy, like a little child. But once the bandage comes off, his third eye appears and he suddenly turns into a devil-like being, displaying horrifying psychic power. Sharaku Hohsuke is thrown into a series of mysteries related to our ancient heritage and treasures with his classmate Wato Chiyoko, who is a tomboy.[1]


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