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Phoenix ~Karma Chapter~
Gao's Adventure
Hinotori gaou.jpg
Japanese 火の鳥 鳳凰編 我王の冒険
Alternative Hi no Tori Houhouhen: Gaou no Bouken
Date JP January 4, 1987
System Famicom
Genres Fantasy action-adventure / Platformer
Developer Konami
Publisher Konami
Adaptation Phoenix: Karma Chapter (Movie)
Related Phoenix ~Karma Chapter~

As a child, a young boy named Gao lost an arm and an eye, and as a result, from a young age he was discriminated against and teased, unable to fit in with his peers. The constant ridicule and persecution caused Gao to become bitter, and hardened, eventually turning to a life as a thief. In spite of his wicked and corrupt lifestyle, Gao met a woman who saw goodness in him, and the two were married. However, one day, over nothing more than a trifling disagreement, Gao lost control of himself, and killed his wife. Realization of what he had done caused Gao to deeply regret his wicked deeds, and reform his behavior. Gao encountered a Buddhist monk who helped him change his ways, and discover his passion for sculpting.

Renouncing his previous life of violence, Gao became a Buddhist sculptor, devoting himself to the creation of magnificent sculptures renowned for the raw and powerful emotions he was able to invoke in his work. One day, together with a fellow sculptor Akanemaru, Gao encountered a mythical phoenix, who, according to legend, can bestow eternal life to those who drink its blood. Inspired, Gao devotes himself to the creation of a magnificent phoenix sculpture.

However, shortly after finishing the sculpture, it was stolen from him, broken into 16 pieces, and hidden in different time periods of the past and the future. In order to recover the 16 phoenix sculpture pieces, Gao embarked on a perilous journey that would take him through space and time.[1]


Gao's goal is to grab the 16 pieces of the picture card which, when fully revealed, will uncover the picture of the Phoenix. The action takes place in 16 stages (one picture card per stage) spread out across three terrains inspired (for the most part) by other volumes in the "Phoenix" series. Half of the stages take place in Gao's own backyard of Feudal Japan (c. 720-752), while five stages take place in a Future World (not unlike those shown in the "Future", "Space", and "Resurrection" volumes) and three stages occur in Prehistoric Times. Some stages, when completed, will lead you to the next, while others from other time periods can only be reached through secret warps. Gao can use his chisel to attack enemies or the gargoyle head statues he used to chisel with it to make makeshift platforms. The game ends when all three lives are gone - or when Gao has successfully assembled the Phoenix picture card.[2]


  • Phoenix was featured in an episode of Game Center CX's 3rd season on June 6th, 2005.


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