Manga Classroom
Manga Classroom
Date April 1952 to April 1954
Related Manga College (Prequel)

This Manga is about introductory lectures given by the principal and caretaker of the "Manga College," Dr. Nandemo-kandemo, on how to draw Manga. Here, he provides numerous examples of Manga works. Starting with the introduction of tools required for drawing Manga, the lectures include how to depict movements and behaviors of people, e.g. clouds of dust raised by walking. The studies also include animal drawing exercises, methods of exaggeration and impersonation, how to draw balloons, how to set up the leading character, and about the lines. Even a tour of the editorial section of a magazine publisher and information about the private lives of cartoonists are given. They provide all information that would-be Manga artists would want to know.


Volume One

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  • Dr. Nandemo-kandemo