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Dororo Yōkai Extermination
Dororo youkai extermination.PNG
Japanese どろろ妖怪退治

Dororo Yōkai Extermination is a flash game that can be played on the the official Tezuka Osamu Japanese website. The player controls Hyakkimaru and can select from 3 different yōkai, or demons, to battle against.

In the first game you need to slice boards falling above you to avoid taking damage, simply left-click to slice and move your mouse left and right to move Hyakkimaru. In order to get close to the demon, you will need to drag your mouse right and off the game's window, bringing it back up to the bottom-left of window, allowing you to drag Hyakkimaru further and attacking the demon.

In the second game, you need to click as fast as you can to fill the power meter in order to defeat the demon.

In the third game, use your mouse to avoid and attack the butterflies as you sail closer towards the demon. Once you've collected enough energy from attacking the butterflies, the torch next to Dororo will light, cuing you to move Hyakkimaru towards the demon's chest and strike it.

Here's a link to the game.