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Columns GB:
Tezuka Osamu Characters
Columns GB.png
Date JP Nov 5, 1999
System Gameboy Color
Genres Puzzle
Developer Game Studio
Publisher Media Factory

Columns GB Tezuka Osamu Characters (Columns GB 手塚治虫キァラクタ-ズ) is very Tetris-like puzzle game series, but it more resembles the game Puyo-puyo. In the game, the player controls falling columns made of three different colored jewels.

About the game

After a column has fallen, match the same jewel in a straight line horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, when you do that, the matching jewels will disappear. The more jewels that disappear the higher score but if the screen gets to full it is game over. The game progresses on levels the longer you last, the higher the level the faster the jewels fall.

The game, being on a Game Boy Color, is not region locked and can be played on any Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance system. No Japanese knowledge is needed to enjoy the game.

Playable characters

This version of columns lets you play as Atom (Astro Boy), Sharaku, Black Jack, Sapphire, Leo (Kimba), & Melmo