Ami Ozawa
Family Prosecutor Ozawa (Adopted Mother)
Kanihei Ozawa (Adopted Brother)
James Block (Guardian)
Occupation Student

Ami is an invisible girl who has to wear makeup in order to be seen.

A good girl by nature, she grew up wondering why she was different than other children, having to wear makeup and not allowed to get wet or take off her clothing till returning home first.

Ami was constantly picked on for wearing so much makeup, that she "looked like a clown", luckily her older brother, Kanihei, would support her, doing his best to make her feel like she wasn't different or out of place.

Soon Alabaster appeared, asking her mother to hand Ami over to him, saying Ami's true grandfather asked him to raise her, as he and Ami are the same. Her mother refused, but Alabaster continued to watch her from afar till the day that Ami seeked him out.